Ready to feel you again?

A pioneering procedure, performed in Ireland by only Dr. Cormac Joyce.

  • Local anaesthetic 
  • No bandages or dressings
  • Minimal bruising or swelling
  • No drains
  • No overnight hospital stay
  • Takes 2.5 hours only
  • Downtime of only 7 days
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Full-lift results without the downtime

Nowadays, people are busy and constantly on the move - whether it is with work or family life.

The Re:Form lift is carried out under local anaesthetic with minimal downtime so patients can be “restaurant ready” after only a week.

Developed by Dr Cormac to suit the demands of modern patients in the 21st century

Tighten your loose facial and neck skin, remove deep lines, lift sagging jowls and create a sharper, more youthful jawline.

You're in good hands

"The ability to change my patients' lives for the better is very humbling." - Dr. Cormac Joyce

Expert Cosmetic surgeon on the specialist register, Cormac is widely reported in the media and contributes regularly to the Irish Times. He has been interviewed by Time Magazine and has featured several times on television in Ireland.


Cormac and his clinics provide world class treatments in state of the art facilities. Virtual consultations are available on request.

Carrying out over 1000 procedures per year in Ireland, Cormac is the only surgeon on the specialist register who focuses solely on cosmetic surgery.

Ireland's Only Full Time Cosmetic Specialist

Breast Specialist

We have a special Breast Suite and perform a 3D scan of your breasts using the latest Crisalix technology. We can show you what you will look like with a particular size implant. 

Face & Neck

Other than The Re:Form™ lift, Dr Cormac offers a range of specialist procedures to our patients, from Browlifts to earlobe reductions.

Intimate Procedures

Intimate procedures are some of the the fastest growing procedures in aesthetic surgery, for people who feel uncomfortable during intercourse or exercise.

What My Patients Say

"Highly recommend Cormac as a knowledgeable and professional surgeon."

"He is professional, knowledgeable, clearly a great surgeon based on the amazing results I had but he’s also a great guy and very personable which really put me at ease."

"I knew straight away he knew what he was talking about and he made me feel comfortable...Day of surgery very straightforward and scars are very neat and fading nicely. Could not be happier."

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